Genuine HP Q1338A (38A) Toner

  • Genuine HP Q1338A (38A) Toner
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Article #: OLHPQ1338A
Origin code: Q1338A (38A)
Type: Laser cartridge
Category: Genuine
Capacity: Standard Yield
Print color: Black 
Nomber of pages4: 12,000

Compatible printers list

HP - LaserJet Series
LaserJet 4200 | LaserJet 4200L PCL 5e | LaserJet 4200L Series | LaserJet 4200dtn | LaserJet 4200dtns | LaserJet 4200dtns | LaserJet 4200n LaserJet 4200t

1Version, 2Generation, 3Ink — Toner,  4Nomber of pages... Learn more

  • Brand: Hewlett-Packard
  • Product Code: Q1338A
  • Availability: This item is sold online only
  • 314.99$

Last update on 03.10.2023

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